Nirvana Holistic Therapy - Go with the flow

Some time to Relax

Why not turn your phone off, dim the lights and put your feet. You deserve some 'Me Time" 
Connect with your breath.
Breathe in for the count of 2 and breathe out for the count of 4  Do that for 4 breaths then bring  your awareness to the natural breath.
Simply observe the breath as it breathes your body. Doing what it has done from the moment of your birth. You may notice deeper breaths, shallow breaths - the difference in the gaps between breaths - all of that is ok - this breath has been breathing your body since your were born and has been keeping  your  body alive while you have been fulfilling  the many roles and responsibilities you have in life.  For now, in this time, allow yourself to be in this moment - be a human BEING - connecting with yourself - being here, now.
If any thoughts come into your head, acknowledge them and let them go - bringing your awareness back to your breath.
Enjoy being in this moment. It is well to think - I am being breathed, I am being breathed, I am being breathed
Relax, release and let go
Enjoy this moment for it is the only reality we can connect with
The past is gone the future is fluid , formulated from our actions in this present - this gift - the only reality which we can touch, smell, experience, see,  hear and live
Enjoy your now - be here now

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